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A group of companies creating digital asset trading technology, regulated trading networks and stock exchange infrastructure

Exlayr is the ASMX Group technology and regulatory stack that transforms how companies list and raise capital by linking stock exchanges with blockchain technology.

It offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to access funding and for investors to invest in growth companies.
ASMX streamlines listing on a stock exchange, simplifies the fund raising process and gives access to exciting investments for investors.

ASMX is building the infrastructure and technology that will enable companies and individuals to trade regulated digital assets worldwide.


Registered digital assets trading on a regulated stock exchange under existing securities laws.

ASMX's Exlayr has been granted permission to link directly to the exchange's core, providing immediate on-exchange settlement of securities traded solely through approved ASMX platforms.

We provide a regulated Exchange Sponsor to assist companies in the listing process of their debt, equity, or security token. Our experienced team will guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Our Exchange Member will facilitate the purchase and sale of primary market issuances of a variety of global traditional securities, as well as global securities tokens and digital assets from eligible issuers.

Exlayr enables a swift and efficient trading experience. Boasting transparency as a key component, Exlayr grants platforms and investors access to real-time visibility into orders and trading.

Scale in the network has been designed in from the start, allowing exchanges to quickly be integrated alongside platforms and other liquidity pools such as marketmakers and third party trading systems like Meta Trader.


Onboarding Platform

A fully compliant KYC and AML system leads to a dashboard where investors can manage their funds through open banking, and their investments across multiple platforms and exchanges.


Trading Platform

The trading platform is connected directly into the exchange backbone where trades will be transmitted, executed and settled, with our blockchain ledger being updated in less than one second.


Trading Member

Our regulated Trading Member acts as an interface between a platform and the exchange. They also take care of all regulatory reports required to fulfill a platforms' obligations to regulators in their jurisdication.


Sponsor Member

Our Sponsor Member performs the due diligence on potential listings and submissions to the exchange. Ongoing support is provided to ensure that companies adhere to the exchange's rules and regulations at all times.

The future is here

Traditional regulation
meets digitisation

Traditional equity listings over the ecosystem can be via a listing via introduction, an IPO or a secondary listing for companies listed on another exchange. Originated by connected platforms, ASMX then provides the Exchange Sponsor to vet those companies and ensure they are suitable for the ecosystem and the exchange upon which they will be listing. 

Online platforms founded by our management team have facilitated over £1.1 billion combined, in debt transactions over the past decade.

This experience has been leveraged into the design of Exlayr. For example, for the first time, a listed debt security can be amortised on the exchange. This negates final repayment risk and allows for different investor risk profile investing throughout the period. 

Tokenised equity, debt or the fractionalisation of real world assets is the future of holding and trading securities. The digitised nature of a security token means that actions related to that token can be automated with code.

Exlayr future proofs exchanges and investment platforms by facilitating the tokenisation of assets under existing, well trodden securities legislation.

Our Partners

- Reach

ASMX aims to connect platforms and exchanges on a global basis. With connected platforms stretching from Abu Dhabi to the United Kingdom we will be adding more partners as we roll out throughout the world.


Trusted Expertise

Our experienced team has been on both sides of the fence. Raising funds for various businesses as start up founders, raising over £1.1 billion combined for other businesses and listing companies on Stock Exchanges.

"Our Chairman is a champion for the cause in the UAE and His Highness shares the Board's excitement for our clear mission: to establish Abu Dhabi Digital Markets as the premier platform for regulated digital assets in our region and beyond. We believe that our partnership with ASMX Group PLC is a pivotal step towards realizing this ambitious goal."

Jon White

ADDM Holdings

The process

Listing your company.


/ Meeting

You will meet with one of our platforms, or directly with our Exchange Sponsor to discuss your business / project. You will be given a full breakdown of how the process works, timings and potential for fund raising, if required.


/ Analysis

Our Exchange Sponsor collaborates with the management team to prepare the necessary documents for listing, which may vary depending on whether it is an IPO or a listing through introduction, secondary listing, and other relevant factors.


/ Exchange

The submission is made to the Exchange for the approval of your company or project, where they conduct their independent analysis of your business. The Exchange may provide suggestions or amendments to the Exchange Sponsor during this process.


/ Listing

Once approved, shares are allocated to your shareholders who are registered on an ASMX connected platform. These shares become tradable, with the exception of any lock-in periods that may apply to large shareholders or directors.

- News

ASMX operates in the regulated digital assets market in debt, equity and security tokens. We do, however, like to keep a broad view of both traditional and decentralised markets, you can find those comments here:

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With 87% of market capitalisation on 16 exchanges, how can things be fairer?

ASMX Group PLC and MERJ Exchange Announce Strategic Agreement to Modernise Trading of Small Cap Securities and Fractionalised Assets

ASMX Group PLC has partnered with MERJ Exchange to launch a groundbreaking digital trading solution for listing traditional securities and fractionalized assets globally. This partnership aims to provide an accessible and integrated solution for smaller issuers, reducing costs and administrative burdens.

bank collapse

Credit Suisse, should we be worried?

Credit Suisse Group AG’s annual bonus pool dropped by 50% to 1 billion francs due to a loss in 2022, causing concerns about the bank’s credibility. The bank is now counting on a 70% surge in stock prices to bolster its bonus pool and plans to prioritize focus and risk mitigation.