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Exchange Member.

Members of the Exchange are able to facilitate buying and selling of primary market issuances of a growing number of global “traditional” securities, as well as global securities tokens and digital assets from qualifying issuers.

ASMX Pro (Seychelles) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority as a Securities Dealer and an Approved Trading Member of the MERJ Exchange.

— regulated trading

ASMX Pro, the Exchange Member arm of our company, operates under full regulation as a Securities Dealer.

Tasked primarily with routing trades to the exchange, monitoring trading activities, and ensuring steadfast compliance with exchange regulations, ASMX Pro plays a pivotal role in our ecosystem.

Direct Access.

As a Trading Member of the Exchange ASMX has direct access to an efficient, regulated secondary market for a growing number of listed global securities and digital assets.

Through ASMX Pro, regulated connected platforms can access the exchange for secondary liquidity across the Exlayr Ecosystem.