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Who we are

Building the future.

What we do

Core belief
We believe financial innovation is the key to building a better future for all.

Access to financial opportunities can level the economic playing field. When everyone can manage their finances and build wealth, society as a whole benefits.

ASMX is on a mission to break down barriers to investing that have long favored the wealthy.

By slashing listing costs and increasing liquidity, we’re opening the doors to previously untapped investment opportunities. Our cutting-edge technology and regulatory compliance are revolutionizing financial access, empowering people from all walks of life to benefit from the wealth-building potential of the market. 

Platform Whitelabel

We enable regulated companies to launch connected platforms on a fully KYC/AML enabled onboarding platform.

Trading Platform

A stock exchange connected trading system allows platforms to connect their investors to companies that have been thoroughly vetted and approved.


Neither platforms, nor issuers, will be looking over their shoulders. Each step of the way is covered by strict regulatory procedures and policies.

Multidisciplinary Team

We are a team of founders, operators, and investors who have a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. Our management team has created platforms that generated a £1.1 billion in loans from platform users to businesses.

Some of our senior team members have even been involved in operating SME stock exchanges. Others have provided critical advisory services to governments and organizations for high-stakes transactions and projects worth billions of pounds. With our diverse background and knowledge, we're confident that we can help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in the marketplace.

ASMX Team_

— meet the team

David Bradley-Ward

DBW has been involved in financial services for 30 years. He has founded and ran a broad range of businesses in the fintech sector mainly focused on giving investors access to new products such as the first leveraged physical commodity business in the UK for retail investors.

With a deep interest in tech DBW founded, an online lending platform. The platform originated £70 million of loans for over 60 businesses from a customer base of 10,000 investors.

David is a founder and director on a number of ASMX companies.

Alex Benger

Small cap sector-focused corporate financier, Alex initially focused on Operational Management within financial services companies.He moved into corporate finance in 2003 and subsequently set up a number of successful corporate finance departments within city-based stockbroker and investment houses.

Alex’s experience also includes 5 years working for SME Stock Exchanges were his responsibilities included the oversight for the exchanges’ pan-European operations.

Alex is a founder and director on a number of ASMX companies.

Prema Kiran Varikuti

Prema is a pivotal asset to ASMX Corporate. With a solid foundation in Business Management from Andhra University and a Master’s in Business Administration from ICFAI University, he boasts a remarkable 15-year journey in corporate finance.

Prem’s accomplishments include raising significant capital, executing securitization transactions, and managing investor relations with precision. His analytical prowess positions him as an invaluable member of our team at ASMX Corporate Finance.

Prema is a pivotal part of the ASMX CF team.

Martin Holland

Martin and the Model Group team created ‘Triton’ a trading algorithm, elements of which will be used on the ASMX trading platform.

Martin has over 30 years’ experience in financial markets, specialising primarily in financial derivatives. In 1987 Martin was employed as a trader on the Liffe Exchange investing his own capital from 1987-2000.

Former director of the Kyte Group where he was instrumental in the Kyte Group’s transition from open outcry trading to electronic, screen-based systems.

Ian Tordoff - Proposed Director ASMX Group PLC

Ian’s experience in directing large operations includes: creation and lead of specialist teams in the execution of $6bn+ health-sector projects, delivering substantial service developments in the UK and the Middle East.

Ian has held non-executive and advisory roles in the NHS, dermal testing and digital-health businesses. Currently he is divides his time as a director of a health research consultancy, and Chair of a listed engineering group.

Niel Clayton - Proposed Director ASMX Group PLC

Neil is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He is on
the board of Agriterra Limited (AIM) and Block Commodities Limited (AQSE Growth Market), Global Web Pay Limited and Vulcan Industries (AQSE).

As well as providing CFO consulting to offshore AIM listed groups  he also brings to the Board specialised capital restructuring experience from his role as Group Finance Director of Earthport Plc.

Years of experience in the financial markets in the funding, listing and management of financial busineses.
Listings executed by members of our management team on small exchanges in Europe.
£1.1 bn
Combined investment funding through platforms founded by the management team.