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Experienced Investor Fund.

The ASMX Group has a cost efficient and quick route to market for companies. It is also building a closed ecosystem of investors globally who can invest directly in private placements of those companies and subsequently trade the listed securities, be that equity, debt or security tokens.

We have extended this now to professional and experienced investors through the ASMX Experienced Investor Fund.

— Dual Strategy Fund

Underwriting fund raising on exchanges is the main strategy of the fund.

A secondary strategy is pre-listing funding. A company that will be listing on an exchange, through an ASMX connected platform, receives funding prior to listing. The fund sells down the shares purchased over a period of time.

Each of these strategies is augmented by property.


The Experienced Investor Fund's board analyses the fund raising of these companies and, if suitable, underwrites these placements for a fee as a percentage of the funds raised. The company is therefore guaranteed to raise its target.

Shares purchased by the fund are sold down on the exchange to the wider investor community, just like in an investment bank would underwrite fund raises on any major exchange.

Property Augments the Strategies.

The property strategy is based around buying in high yield geographical areas such as Dubai, where a blend of rental properties and off-plan purchases underpin the fund. The Fund uses a property strategy because underwriting is short term and quick turnover leaving funds on account.

The Fund purchases property that has been listed on a stock exchange giving the Fund more flexibility when buying and selling as it can be done through the exchange.

Experienced Investor Fund - Property