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About Exlayr

A layered approach combinging a blockchain ledger, a matching engine and a trading engine, each layer accessible via a REST API or via FIX Messaging.

We call the ASMX technology ‘Exlayr’ becaue that is what it is – a stock exchange level stack that is a modular, multi-faceted and designed to handle ledger updates and match trades with precision.

The different layers of technology can be used independently or together to provide maximum flexibility for any given application. The powerful and adaptable foundation of the platform enables us to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency.
The system boasts an efficient, high-speed architecture, capable of updating the ledger in milliseconds, with the added reliability of the Byzantine Fault Tolerance method for consensus.

This cutting-edge approach ensures an unparalleled level of performance and reliability, elevating the system to new heights of speed and accuracy.