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AI Integration.

Integrating AI is a must for any modern business. AI integration will allow us to leverage the power of machine learning to analyze the vast amounts of data in real-time that our business will produce. There are various integrations we are working on:

customer services - ai theo

Meet Theo, our AI-powered digital assistant! He can assist you with navigating our platform and provide contact details. Theo is our first step towards developing a more advanced language model to better serve our clients. Click the speech bubble below to get started.

Theo is a valuable addition to our team, and we are excited about how far we can take him. We will be able to integrate Theo into the platform giving investors access to him directly and trained on every help topic, every feature of the platform and how it operates and every issuers' information. Theo will become a powerful assistant for investor using our technology on connected platforms.

*While Theo can discuss various topics, please note that he is still a language model and his responses should be verified for accuracy.

corporate finance - ai efficiency

AI can significantly streamline the listing process for companies, making it quicker and more efficient and therefore less costly, opening up listing opportunities to more companies, which is our goal.

By automating many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with listing, such as data input and verification, AI can reduce the time it takes to bring a new issuer to market.

ASMX is building a AI powered project that will be able to be accessed in house, for the creation of documents, but also able to be used by other companies looking to list or raise money through a connected platform.

It will allow them to upload business plans, financial models etc which our AI will be able to learn and help them create documents, making the process even more efficient.

Data Mining.

Trading firms have been utilising AI models for some time, but the amount of data it takes to train them was only available to the best on the biggest.

All that has changed.

One of the most valuable things that ASMX will produce is huge amounts of training data. We currently use a Business Intelligence Software to view various reports and data in the trading environment but it is, by its very nature, as dumb as a rock!

data mining - ai insights

AI can help ASMX trading technology to stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive financial industry. With AI, ASMX can effectively mine data and produce reports that provide insights into market trends, investor sentiment, and trading performance, enabling the company to make informed decisions that lead to success.

Moreover, AI algorithms can detect malicious trading patterns and flag them for investigation, ensuring that ASMX maintains a fair and transparent trading environment for all investors. By leveraging AI in this way, ASMX is positioned to be able to run an efficient ecosystem at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

trading platform - ai efficiency

The data mined by AI in the ASMX technology could be leveraged by investors on connected platforms to make informed trading decisions. By analyzing market sentiment and real-time open banking reporting, AI algorithms can provide valuable insights into, not only market trends and investor behavior, but granular insights into issuers themselves. This allows investors to make better-informed trading decisions.*

This data can be particularly useful for those who lack the time or resources to conduct extensive research on their own. By providing access to data-driven insights, ASMX can empower investors to make smarter, more informed trading decisions, which can ultimately lead to greater success in the market

*ASMX does not directly interact with investors on regulated connected platforms. We provide the tools for the connected platform to give to their customers and they must ensure that these tools are compliant in their jurisdiction.

ASMX is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, leveraging AI to provide data insights for the creation of compliant trading bots. Our partnership with Model Group, the creators of the autonomous trading algorithm 'Triton,' allows us to explore the limitless possibilities of combining AI and trading.

While regulatory scrutiny and extensive quality assurance testing will be required, the potential benefits are enormous. We are excited to continue exploring and innovating with the latest advancements in AI to bring the best possible trading experience to our valued customers.